Code of Conduct for the BitF Production Team


  • “BITF Production Team” or “Production Team” means the core executive team of Producers and Associate Producers that have fiduciary responsibility for the BITF Event.
  • “BITF Organizational Team” means the implementation of the BITF event, including the Production Team, volunteers, participants, 3rd party stakeholders, processes, lands, and assets related to the event.
  • “GVIAS” means the Greater Vancouver Interactive Arts Society, the parent entity for BITF, which is governed by the GVIAS Board of Directors.

I will respect and uphold the values of the BitF Production Team:  

  • Inclusiveness – we recognise that diversity is strength and will seek to involve all people, as active participants in our community.
  • Responsive – we will strengthen the efforts of individuals and groups to meet community needs and make a difference.
  • Quality – we will strive for excellence in the delivery of our events.
  • Connected – we will work with others through local and regional cross-sectoral links and partnerships to enhance community well-being.
  • Accessible – we will provide fair and open access to volunteer opportunities and support.
  • Forward looking – we will recognise the need for continual review and improvement.

Production Team.

  • I will commit to conducting myself as transparently to my community as possible; where confidentiality is required, I will respect the confidentiality of the Board, the BITF Production Team, and individuals. When I discuss BITF with those outside of Production, I will speak only for myself or my role, and not for the whole Production, unless asked by the Production to do so.
  • I will develop and maintain a sound and up-to-date knowledge of the BitF Production Team and its environment.  This will include an understanding of how the BitF Production Team operates, the social and economic environment in which it operates and the nature and extent of its work.
  • I will use the BitF Production Team’s resources responsibly, and when claiming expenses will do so in line with the BitF Production Team procedures.
  • I will seek to be accountable for my actions as a member of the BitF Production Team, and will submit myself to whatever scrutiny is appropriate.
  • I accept my responsibility to ensure that the BitF Production Team is well run and will raise issues and questions in an appropriate and sensitive way to ensure that this is the case. While I understand that my feedback is welcome to the decision making process I accept that the final decision for any given pod will be the responsibility of that pod’s Producer. Decisions that involve multiple Production Groups will be subject to the BITF Decision-Making Process [Separate Document Reference].


  • I will not gain materially or financially from my involvement with the BitF Production Team.
  • I will act in the best interests of the BitF Production Team as a whole, and not as a representative of any other group – considering what is best for the BitF Production Team and its present and future beneficiaries and avoiding bringing the BitF Production Team into disrepute.


  • I will attend all appropriate meetings for the BitF Production Team or give advanced apologies.  If I cannot regularly attend meetings I will consider whether there are other roles within the organization which would better suit my availability. I will respect the time of my fellow Team members.
  • I will prepare fully for all meetings.  This will include reading the agenda and minutes of previous meetings, querying anything I do not understand, thinking through issues before meetings and completing any tasks assigned to me in the agreed time.
  • I will actively engage in discussion, debate and decision making in meetings; contributing in a considered and constructive way, listening carefully, challenging sensitively and not intentionally cause conflict. I will be mindful of my “mic time”, and let other voices and opinions be heard.
  • I will participate in group decision making in accordance with the BITF Decision Making guidelines. I will accept group decisions made through this process.


  • I will approach all relationships with consideration and respect. I will respect diversity and personal boundaries.
  • I am aware that there is no place on production for bullying or harassment.
  • I will seek to support and encourage all those I come into contact with during  the BitF Production.  I recognise my responsibility to support the Chairperson and the Producers.
  • I commit to resolving conflicts that arise between myself and the BitF Production Team members, participants or participating parties expeditiously, courageously, compassionately, and in the best interest of BITF. I will resolve conflicts directly with the individuals concerned, escalating only in extreme need.
  • I will strive not to discuss other Team Members when they are not present.


  • I understand that substantial breach of any part of this code may result in processes being put in motion that may result in my being asked to resign from the BitF Production Team:
    • A request in writing by 5 (of 7) Producer-votes will trigger the process; I may accept this request at any time. 
    • I will be given an opportunity to be heard by the Producers, in response. 
    • Following my response, the Producers may elect to confirm the request for resignation with 5 Producer-Votes.
    • I may appeal this request to the GVIAS Board of Directors, upon whose confirmation by majority vote (with quorum) I will resign my position, effective immediately.
  • I understand that a sufficiently serious breach of this code while on duty onsite may result in the other on-duty producers, acting unanimously, to remove me from active duty. I shall abide by this request. The Production Team shall meet to discuss further disciplinary steps, including the process above.
  • I understand that as I am subject to the GVIAS Code of Conduct, any and all provisions of that Code, including removal from and/or bans from GVIAS events, apply to me.
  • If I wish to cease being a Producer at any time, I will inform the Chairperson in writing, with as much notice as possible, stating my reasons for leaving. I will pass on all pertinent information to the Associate Producer of my Pod and will do my utmost to facilitate a smooth transition to, and for, the new Producer.
    • I commit to proactive succession planning, to mentoring newer team members and helping to cultivate potential new leaders. Upon my departure I will do my utmost to leave my pod with strong leadership.
    • All Production Team members commit to upholding the values and conduct outlined in this document. I understand that I may be held accountable for violations of this Code of Conduct, and that I am expected to help resolve breaches of this Code when raised by other Team members, whether or not I agree with their version of events. I agree that, in the event that my breach of the Code is sufficiently serious in the opinion of the other Producers, or that I do not seek to resolve complaints related to my Conduct, that I may be asked to leave the Team via the process outlined above. In the event that such termination takes place, I shall have the opportunity to appeal to the GVIAS Board to reconsider and/or mediate the issue, and in that event I shall abide by their final decision.

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