Committee Member Code of Conduct


Committee Member Code of Conduct
Committee work is performed on behalf of the BOD and GVIAS. It is expected that committee members will conduct themselves with dignity and respect while representing GVIAS. As such committee members are committed to effective decision-making and, once a decision has been made, speaking with one voice.


Towards this end committee members will:

Represent the membership as a whole and not represent any special interest or sub-group
Always act in the best interest of GVIAS and the general membership.

Express additional or alternative points of view and invite others to do so too.

Refrain from “lobbying” other committee members outside of meetings that might have the effect of creating factions and limiting free and open discussion.

On important issues, be balanced in one’s effort to understand others and to make oneself understood.

Once made, support and defend committee decisions, even if one’s own view is a minority one.
Not disclose or discuss differences of opinion outside of meetings. All voting is recorded in the minutes anonymously.

Respect the confidentiality of information on sensitive issues, especially in personnel matters.
Refrain from speaking on behalf of GVIAS unless specifically authorized to do so by the Board.

Disclose one’s involvement with other organizations, businesses or individuals where such a relationship might be viewed as a conflict of interest, whether such a conflict exists or not, in accordance with the Conflict of Interest Policy.

Disparaging comments on social media (or by any other medium) about other committee members or members at large are prohibited. Additionally, in order to allow open communication in committee discussions, internal workings of the committee, and individual opinions and actions of members within the committee, are not to be posted in the public realm.

Membership Is Free

But Some Assembly Required

We are guided by the 10 principles of Burning Man. These principles guide our interactions with one another and the environment and have a strong ethos of participation. As such, our events and the society are entirely dependent upon community participation.

Membership isn't required to participate, but members enjoy a number of perks including access to a community of doers and dreamers.

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