Conduct Committee Update

Following in the steps of many Burning Man regional communities, GVIAS has initiated the formation of a Conduct Committee. The Committee will be comprised of community volunteers who are nominated or step forward to take on the task of looking into incidents that violate our community Code of Conduct. The committee’s first task will be to present an updated Code of Conduct which is relevant to our current community efforts.

GVIAS Members may read our initial post on the subject here:

Here are some examples of Conduct frameworks implemented by other groups:

We acknowledge that this announcement has raised some eyebrows, and prompted a number of valuable discussions. It is not our intention to create an authoritarian “fun police”. Rather to communicate minimum standards of expected behaviour and a framework to address issues effectively when not reasonably maintained. We have nothing in place right now and we all recognize that the time has come to have at least something relevant to the functions of our Society and its membership. GVIAS is looking to community members to help define what that will be.

Thank you to everyone who has expressed interest in participating to date. GVIAS will be accepting nominations through Dec 22nd via [email protected]. All applicants will be contacted with next steps in the process shortly thereafter.

The Board will put forward the list of the nominees for the Conduct Committee. This list of potential candidates will be available for consideration by GVIAS membership by mid-January. GVIAS will provide a forum for the community to give their thoughts and contributions towards the subject prior to the launch of the initiative. This newly formed committee will begin meeting in February 2018.

Our aim is to be inclusive and supportive of the community at large, while giving our members opportunity to collaborate and contribute to the process.

At this point we wish every one of you a VERY FUN and festive holiday season!!

Thank you SO MUCH for everything YOU have done to make 2017 an IMPRESSIVELY FUN and VIBRANT year!!

GVIAS Board,
Ryan, Allison Eden, Brodie, Sarah, Tyler, Adrian

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