BitF Committee: Associate Producers

Associate Producer Role

Associate Producers work with and take on tasks as delegated by the  Producer(s) of the group. Their role is to support the production group;  contribute to event production; team/group cohesion and learn about the  responsibilities; milestones and goals of the production group; with the  intent of eventually stepping into a producer role. Associate Producers  help to support team leads in becoming experts in their role and carrying  out the function of their role in a way that fosters team-building; ownership;  pride and good relationships with volunteers. There are elements of  administration and planning involved in production roles. The Producer  Team ultimately answers to the community, among other stakeholders.  Each member of the Producer Team has shifts onsite during the event  (called production shifts) for which they must be sober and on radio. This  keeps the event and participants safe. No one would be asked to come  into a production role without support of the team. New Associate  

Producers mentor with the more seasoned Producers/Associate  Producers to learn all the crazy considerations of putting on our event, and  this would allow consideration for a Producer or Associate Producer in the  following year(s).*

Associate Producer Responsibilities: 

  • Supporting team leads to execute; keeping team leads on schedule; setting expectations 
  • Mentoring team leads 
  • Attending Producer meetings and Pod meetings 
  • During event, production shifts (sober and on radio) 
  • Assist Producer with any delegated responsibilities 

Associate Producer Responsibilities: 

  • Follow GVIAS Code of conduct in all interactions within and outside  Production 
  • Follow Production Code of Conduct 
  • Be responsive 
  • Use Basecamp and GVIAS emails for communication 
  • Save all materials to Event Google Drive 
  • Use Volcor to track volunteer hours and ensure all Pod members  do as well 

Reports to: Applicable Producer

Commitment: Nov – Sept 

Term: 1 yr 
Multiple Terms: Yes 


  • 1 -2 meetings per month
  • 2.5 hours/meeting
  • 2-10 hours of work per week
  • Production shifts during event + specific Production Group  commitments (being on duty within your group)

Recruitment: June – Jan 


  • See specific Pod roles for more information. 
  • Preference for experience in a team lead or other significant  volunteer role at past events 

Updated 02/18/2023

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