New this year, we will be opening ALL GRANTS at the SAME TIME!


  Note: We are no longer offering Legacy or Chill Space Grants.  


There will be 2 rounds this year - read carefully:


Round 1 is the Regular ROUND:


  • Opens on March 14, 2020 and closes on April 13, 2020
  • All grants offered are being opened at the same time
  • The Main Round will have the MAJORITY of funds given, so best to apply in this round!
  • If you apply in this round you WILL:
    • Be eligible for directed tickets
    • Receive funds before BITF
  • Only in this round can you receive funds prior to BitF.
  • Sound camps and Extra Large grants MUST apply in this round
    • Take note: sound camp application criteria have changed - see below!!!




  • Open immediately after the Main Round closes
  • This round will open April 14, 2020 and closes on May 31,2020
  • The amount of funding will depend on funding left over after the Main Round
  • Sound Camps and Extra Large grants CANNOT apply in this round
  • With limited funding, Large projects are likely to receive LESS funding than the Main Round.
  • This round is best suited for medium, micro/kids grants, transportation or refurbishment of existing art
  • This round is NOT eligible for directed tickets
  • Funds will be received after BitF
Extra Large (includes Mutant Vehicle grants)
  • Up to $2,000

Large (includes Artistic Structure grants for Sound Stages)
  • Up to $1,000

  • Up to $500

  • Up $150

Transportation For new art (incl. Extra Large, Large, Medium and Small/Kids):
  • MAX 20% of your itemized budget may be transportation
  • This amount is in addition to your grant award
For pre-existing projects
  • Up to $450

Sound Camp Equipment
  • Up to $600
  • ONLY covers sound equipment and infrastructure VITAL to the delivery of your sound camp
  • Budget breakdown must include costs for rentals of sound equipment and/or specialized audio/visual equipment.
  • Applications for sound camp art/artistic stages and transportation are rolled into other grant types

  • Up to $250 for pre-existing projects that need some upgrades or repairs
Thanks to our very hardworking tech committee, and especially our Grants Committee tech specialist, we now have ONLY ONE FORM for grants and placement! You no longer need to apply for placement separately.

This means there is ONE to apply for EVERYTHING!

Please note: If you intend to apply for multiple projects, you will need to apply separately for each project.

We will have 3 categories for judging applications:

  1. Interactivity: Does this art invite play? Does this art engage participants to interact with or directly influence it? Does this art encourage participant interaction with one another?

  2. Artistic Excellence: How “Wow!” is the idea? Is it memorable? Is it an original idea? Would participants seek out this project? Does this project excite participants?

  3. Delivery Plan: Is your budget clear? Is your schedule, build plan, crew size, and assembly/teardown plan sensible? Have you considered the safety and placement of your art at the event? Can you deliver the project you’re proposing in the budget and time frame stated?

Please note: Delivery Plan is a very important aspect of your application. We can't fund it if we don’t understand what you’re doing or what you’re spending money on.

New this year, a maximum of 6 Sound Camps will be placed by the BitF Production team. You must be approved for placement by the Production team in order to qualify for GVIAS grant funding.

If you are approved for placement, your application will then be assessed by the Grants Committee and scored using our criteria.

Sound Stages will apply with 1 form, but will be required to provide up to 3 individual budgets.  Each BUDGET will serve as an application for a SEPARATE GRANT.

There will be the option to fill out each of these fields when you apply for a Sound Stage Grant. 
First Grant - Sound Equipment
  • Max of $600.
  • Your budget breakdown for this grant must only include costs for sound equipment rental and other specialized audio/visual equipment.
  • Only available in the Regular Grant Round and includes directed tickets for your camp.
  • Paid out 75% upfront, and the remaining 25% upon receiving receipts specifically for the rental or purchase of sound equipment.

Second Grant - Artistic Structures
  • For Sound Camps looking to fund a NEW artistic structure or need refurbishment for an existing artistic structure  (This would include art projects included in your camp or stage structures)  
  • Costs associated with the stage or art within your camp must be broken down separately in the individual budget portion, and cannot be combined with other costs of your camp. 
  • Subject to the same jurying criteria and guidelines as all other ART grants.
  • Max of $1000 for a NEW artistic structure or $250 for an existing artistic structure.
  • Paid out 75% upfront, and the remaining 25% upon receiving receipts specifically for costs relating to the creation or repair of your artistic structure.

Third Grant - Transportation 
  • Max of $450
  • The budget breakdown for transportation must include a detailed plan with cost and duration of vehicle rentals (if applicable), estimated fuel costs, and estimated kilometers to travel.
New in 2020, artists who are not in compliance with their contracts will be handled as follows:

  • Artists who receive funding but do not deliver may be deemed as not compliant at the discretion of the Grant Committee
  • If you are not compliant you WILL NOT be eligible for an Art Grant in the future until:
    • Your art is present at a GVIAS event
    • You pay back the funds to GVIAS that were awarded to you
Any individual artist, team of artists or established group (for teams of artists, please have one person submit an application for the group) may apply. Applicants must be a member of Greater Vancouver Interactive Art’s Society (GVIAS). Membership is free and can be obtained by applying through the GVIAS website at this link: https://gvias.org/gvias-membership/.
Media Arts

Includes but is not limited to:

Film, Video, Animation, Teleplays, Sound Art, Immersive Audio & Video Works

Visual Arts

Includes but is not limited to:

Crafts, Design, Drawing, Illustration, Installation, Painting, Photography, Printmaking, Sculpture, Dance, Theater, Interactive Installation & Sculpture

Or any mix of the above. If you can convince us it’s awesome, that you can build it, and that it’s interactive, we will consider it!
GVIAS grants will cover the cost of the materials required to build your art.

Your grant will NOT cover:
  • Fixed assets totalling 50% or more of your total project budget (a fixed asset is an item such as a drill or speaker)
  • Consumable such as food or alcohol
  • Labour costs
  • Event tickets.
We VERY rarely fully fund any of the projects that apply. It is HIGHLY recommended that you have some alternative funding options. Apply in the Main Round for the best chance of success.
If you are looking for funding to pay for the costs of cushions, furniture or decor for a lounging or hang-out space, you have 2 options.

  1. You can apply for a micro grant that has a max award of $150
  2. You can submit your application as an artistic project in one of our other budget based categories;(Extra Large max award $2000, Large max award $1000, Medium max award $500). HOWEVER, your lounge space will be scored alongside all of our interactive artistic projects. So if we get an applicant who submits a project that is, an easy-up tent and some pillows, and an applicant who submits a 25 ft light up steel framed rainbow with an interactive controller that allows participants to change the project completely, the first project will score very low, and likely receive very little if any funding.
You can apply for a transportation grant to help transport art project, sound camp, or theme camp in our application form.

Your application MUST INCLUDE a detailed budget breakdown for transportation that includes a detailed plan with cost and duration of vehicle rentals (if applicable), estimated fuel costs, and estimated kilometers to travel. If your budget is missing any of these elements you will NOT be eligible to receive a transportation grant.

If you apply to build a NEW project and include a transportation budget in your application, a max of 20% of your total project budget may be used towards transportation.
There are 2 options for funding an already built project. If you plan to make repairs or upgrades to your project, you can apply for a refurbishment grant (MAX $250). If you are only seeking funding for transportation you can apply for a transportation grant.
Successful applicants in the Main Round must sign a contract to receive their grant. 75% of the grant amount is paid upon signing the contract. The final 25% is paid upon completion after the event.

Successful applicants in the OMG Round also must sign and submit a contract. 100% of funds are paid upon completion after the event.

Completion of the project includes viewing of the project by a committee member, LNT (leave no trace) sign-off, and receipt of a final cost report with copies of all receipts.

You will be given the option in your contract to receive funds via e-transfer or check.
If successful, you will be sent a grant contract by email. You must print BOTH PAGES and sign the last page of the contract. You will then take a photo or scan both pages and upload it here: https://gvias.org/grants/submit/contract
Our deadlines are firm. If you miss a deadline to submit an application you will have to wait until grants rounds reopen to apply. If you miss a deadline for submitting a contract you will forfeit your grant. If you miss the deadline for submitting receipts you will forfeit the remainder of your grant.
If you do not fulfill the obligations agreed to in your contract, GVIAS may find you "not in compliance" and refuse you funding in the future. This includes failing to show project at the event promised, or unable to submit receipts for my grant award.
GVIAS is a non-profit organization and we have been advised that we must keep detailed records of where our money is going in order to maintain our non-profit status.
This helps to ensure artists fulfill the guidelines set out in their contracts, and helps to hold artists accountable to our grant guidelines.
When you apply for a grant or placement, your information will be sent to the Burn in the Forest production team. This team will decide where your art is placed and may contact you for more specifics.