Burn in the Forest: Transportation Grants

Grants funding for Burn In The Forest is available to transport artistic pieces which will attend Burn In The Forest. The deadline for applications is Deadline: July 3, 2019, 11:59pm (midnight).

Applications Closed



These grants ONLY cover expenses directly related to the transportation of your art piece to BitF. These grants will NOT cover labor expenses including the artist’s time, purchase of alcohol, food, or tickets to the event.


Any individual artist, team of artists or established group (for teams of artists, please have one person submit an application for the group) may apply. Applicants must be a member of Greater Vancouver Interactive Art’s Society. Membership is free and can be obtained by applying through the GVIAS website here.


To qualify you must have:

  1. An art project or Mutant Vehicle that is already built and ready to go.
  2. Already have a ticket to Burn in the Forest. No directed tickets will be attached to transportation grants.
  3. Must NOT have received an art grant from GVIAS this year. If you have previously applied for an art grant, transportation was already included as part of that process.
  4. Must have a clear and detailed budget breakdown that indicates a significant financial barrier to bringing the art to the event. (IE, Not for a few bucks for gas to throw my art into my camping vehicle).



Successful applicants will be asked to sign a contract in order to receive their grant. The grants will be paid out in full after the event, and after submission and review of receipts.

A failure to execute your proposed art project may result in ineligibility for future grants.

Applications Closed

Membership Is Free

But Some Assembly Required

We are guided by the 10 principles of Burning Man. These principles guide our interactions with one another and the environment and have a strong ethos of participation. As such, our events and the society are entirely dependent upon community participation.

Membership isn't required to participate, but members enjoy a number of perks including access to a community of doers and dreamers.

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