Legacy Grant Application

This round of grant applications closes: March 19th, 2019 at 11:59PM.

  • Please note: Grant applicants must be a member of GVIAS in order to receive a grant. To become a member, simply visit this page and submit your info: http://gvias.org/gvias-membership

    Once you have submitted your info, please come back to this page to complete your application.

  • Contact & team information

  • Please enter your full legal name. Please no monikers.
  • Please enter the email where you wish to be contacted regarding this Grant Application.
  • Enter the phone number where you wish to be contacted regarding this Grant Application.
  • If placement attempts to contact you and receives no response within 72 hours, your placement application may be jeopardized. They will attempt to contact both the primary and the secondary contacts by all means possible. We highly recommend providing a secondary contact in case they cannot reach the primary.
  • Provide a short, informal bio that includes involvement in prior projects/work of this nature. (Max 250 characters)
  • Do you have an adequate crew to build, install and clean up your project? Please name each team member and their role as needed to complete your project. Describe the roles and skills needed even if you do not have a complete crew at this time.

  • Project Details

  • Enter the name of the project for which you are seeking a Grant. If you enter a name which has already been submitted this will return an error.
  • Please provide a concise description of your art piece. If accepted for placement, this info will appear in the BitF WWW (What, Where, When) guide. [max 250 characters]
  • Please provide a detailed description of your art piece. Include details such as the physical aspects, interactivity, lights, sound, and so forth. [max 500 characters]
  • If applicable, please describe how participants will be able to interact with your proposed project.
  • Do you plan on adding to your project in some way over the next two or three years so that it becomes something bigger or more interactive?
  • Please detail your construction schedule which reflects your budget e.g. when materials will be purchased, milestones for completion of stages of your project, etc.
  • Please list which events you plan to showing you project at throughout the year & what steps you have taken/ need to take to be able to include you project at these events. Artists need to show their project at 2-3 events through out 2019, one of which needs to be a GVIAS event.
  • You must total your costs and give us a final number. Include all taxes – these may be claimed, and will be included towards your maximum award.
  • List in detail all expenses for material, rental, or asset costs. Research your costs carefully and be specific. Art Grants cannot be used to pay for labour, event tickets, or alcohol.
  • Drop files here or
    Please upload any additional documents (budget, photos, drawings, renderings, schematics, etc.). Please upload a file for all expenses for material, rental, or asset costs. Research your costs carefully and be specific. Art Grants cannot be used to pay for labour, transportation to / from GVIAS events, event tickets, or alcohol.
  • We have a separate grant available for transportation; amounts requested here will be considered for a transportation grant, and will not count towards the overall maximum for this art grant round.
  • GVIAS aims to fund as many projects as possible, which may result in partial funding of some projects. Please indicate what other options you have for contributing to the funding of your project.

  • BitF Ticket Request

  • Please be aware that as tickets to BITF are at a premium, we cannot guarantee directed tickets for your team. All efforts should be made to buy tickets for your team in the volunteer and main sales. Every attendee at BITF is expected to PAY FOR THEIR TICKET. Unclaimed directed tickets go into the OMG last minute sale.

  • BitF Placement Questions

  • When do you expect to arrive on site to setup your art piece? (required for early arrival and to foster site setup)
  • When do you expect to tear down your art piece? (required to allow our Leave No Trace team to manage cleanup). Another event is arriving at noon Monday, July 22. Everything BitF MUST be off site before then.
  • Please list in FEET.
  • Describe your plan to ensure participants who interact with your proposed artwork will be kept safe. Ensure you address public health concerns such as structural integrity, climbing on structures, sharp objects, electricity, etc. Fire issues are addressed below.
  • If your artwork utilizes open fire such as candles, torches, fire barrels, or raised containers, please describe in detail. If artwork is to be engulfed in flames, please describe your ground protection. Include a detailed drawing showing how the art will be situated on it. If your artwork utilizes flame effects, flames that are automated, switched, pressurized or having any other action than simply being lit on fire, including propane or liquid fuels, describe in detail. Include a detailed drawing of fuel lines and tanks. Detail any safety measures required and in operation – fire extinguish placement, shut off value labeling, signage, and fencing.
  • Describe how you will be illuminating your art piece. If you intend on showcasing your art at night, lighting will be required for safety and visibility. [max 250 characters]
  • Please describe how you intend to power the project, including safety measures you will take to ensure that participants (especially children) won't get hurt. If you are using a generator, describe how you will minimize sound bleed and how you will store your fuel safely. Please be advised that there is NO onsite power grid and therefore generators or other power supplies will need to be used. Please indicate if you DO NOT currently have a way to power your art piece.
    ie. Is there any concern with children encountering the piece, climbing, etc.?
    Do you have a sound system. Please note that all artworks are subject to the BitF Sound Policy.
  • Describe your sound system, particularly wattage.
  • Please detail your LNT plan: a well thought-out breakdown and clean-up plan and schedule. You may not leave anything behind. You must indicate a LNT lead for your art project. Please provide contact details if different than the contact information above. [max 250 characters]
  • Please provide any additional important notes or requirements. For example: does your project need quiet? Would you like to be in a wooded area? On a path? Near water? PLEASE BE ADVISED THAT WE MAY NOT BE ABLE TO ACCOMMODATE EVERY REQUEST FOR EVERY ART PIECE. [max 500 characters]
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.