Burn in the Forest Sound Stage Grant Application

Apply for a Burn In The Forest: Sound Stage Grant using the form below.

This round of Grant Applications closes April 12th, 2019 at 11:59PM.

  • Enter the name of the stage for which you are seeking a grant. If you enter a name which has already been submitted this will return an error.
  • Please enter your full legal name. Please no monikers.
  • Please enter the email where you wish to be contacted regarding this grant application.
  • Enter the phone number where you wish to be contacted regarding this grant application.
  • Provide a short bio that includes involvement in prior projects/work of this nature.
  • Do you have an adequate crew to set up, run, and clean up your project? Please describe your support team as it relates to the creation of the stage, site support and dismantling/clean-up. Please note that Leave No Trace is essential for these stages, and that this must be performed by the Stages, not by BitF. Describe the roles and skills needed even if you do not have a complete crew at this time.
  • Please describe your stage and what you wish to communicate to participants. This description will be included in the Who, What, Where guide and on the website if your application is accepted.
  • How will you engage the local Burning Man community in the development of the stage? Please describe how you plan to fill the line-up and ensure that the stage is running at all times possible in accordance with the sound policy.
  • Please describe the physical aspects of your stage, including final vision, placement, materials, visuals and decor. Clearly indicate how many people your stage can accommodate in various areas like the dance floor and any public chill out spaces.
  • Please detail your construction schedule which reflects your budget, including when materials will be purchased, milestones for completion of stages of your project, etc.
  • Please detail your LNT plan. We are looking for a well thought-out breakdown of your clean-up plan and schedule. You may not leave anything behind.
  • Please detail your plan for transporting all elements of your stage to BitF. Limited funds towards transport may be available so we advise you to coordinate with other art projects to keep costs down. See below if you would like to be connected to other artists looking for transportation.
  • Accepted file types: xls, xlsx, doc, docx, pdf.
    Please upload a single file detailing all expenses for material, rental, or asset costs. Research your costs carefully and be specific. Stage Grants cannot be used to pay for labour, artists, musicians, event tickets, or alcohol. File type must be .xls, .xlsx, .doc, .docx, or .pdf.
  • List in detail all expenses for material, rental, or asset costs. Research your costs carefully and be specific. Stage Grants cannot be used to pay for labour, musicians, artists, event tickets, or alcohol.
  • You must total your costs and give us a final number. Include all taxes – these may be claimed, and will be included towards your maximum award. If your budget exceeds available grant money, you will be responsible for raising the funds needed.
  • We have a separate grant available for transportation; amounts requested here will be considered for a transportation grant, and will not count towards the overall maximum for this art grant round.
  • GVIAS plans to fund at least four stages for BitF this year. However, there is a limited budget which may result in only partial funding of your total budget. Please indicate what other options you have for contributing to the funding of your project. If you can’t raise your total budgeted amount through all available avenues (Stage Grant, fundraising, out-of-pocket), will you be able to produce the stage?
  • Describe your plan to ensure participants who interact with your stage will be kept safe. Ensure you address public health concerns such as structural integrity, climbing on structures, sharp objects, electricity, etc. Fire issues are addressed below.
  • If your stage utilizes open fire such as candles, torches, fire barrels, or raised containers, please describe in detail. Your stage can not be engulfed in flames at any time during this event. If your stage utilizes flame effects, flames that are automated, switched, pressurized or having any other action than simply being lit on fire, including propane or liquid fuels, describe in detail. Include a detailed drawing of fuel lines and tanks. Detail any safety measures required and in operation – placement of fire extinguishers, shut off valve labelling, signage, and fencing. Note that NO LASERS are permitted at the venue.
  • Please indicate how you intend to power your stage. Note that all generators used must be low-noise inverter generators, or must have safely-constructed noise baffling/boxes. Include the make and model of all generators you intend to use.
  • Please describe the sound system that you will be bringing to power the stage including the number of speakers, makes, and model numbers. Add placement to your design map if possible.
  • BItF has a strict Sound Policy including a maximum volume and a ban on amplified sound between 4am and 10am. Please describe how you plan to ensure that your stage keeps to the guidelines outlined in the Sound Policy: http://burnintheforest.com/sample-page/sound/
  • For questions regarding this application and the grant process, please contact the GVIAS Grants Committee at gvias-grants-committee@gvias.org. For questions regarding the BitF Sound Policy or your stage itself, feel free to contact the event Sound Team Lead at any time with questions, ideas, or to chat at sound@burnintheforest.com. We encourage you to ask lots of questions and get the answers. You need to submit a thorough and quality application.