GVIAS Legacy Ticketing Program


The GVIAS Board of Directors have received a number of inquiries from long time former community leaders to attend our events, but have been unable to secure a ticket. Those leaders have since “retired” or stepped away from active leadership for various reasons, including burnout, family/kids, or other life issues. The Board would like to acknowledge these members, for their years of dedicated service to further our community’s goals. As a result, we are creating a Legacy Ticket Program, to provide a ticket for purchase for qualifying GVIAS leaders to attend Burn in the Forest.


To be eligible to qualify, the Board will look for four years of leadership in the GVIAS community taking into consideration:

1. GVIAS Board of Directors membership
2. Producer of a GVIAS event
3. Vancouver Regional Contact for Burning Man
4. Held a recognized Lead position at an event that doesn’t fall under the above groups, yet is recognized by the GVIAS BoD as having played a significant role in the creation, curation, setup, or cleanup of GVIAS events prior to 2014.


In order to keep the application overhead to the rest of the BiTF Production team at a minimum, the GVIAS Board of Directors will be responsible for the qualifying, application, and support for those who would like to utilize this program. The application period for submissions will run for a week, after the general sale has completed, to provide potential applicants a chance at obtaining a ticket thru one of the previous sales first.

With the help of long standing GVIAS members, we have compiled a list of qualified candidates from previous years and when in doubt we’ll work with the applicant to verify their tenure, with other long standing GVIAS members. The Board will meet as a group to discuss all applicants for that year, and seek quorum at a Board meeting prior to the tickets being allocated. There will not be any limits to the number of times a qualified applicant utilizes this program. Preference will be given to any new applicant over someone who has applied and been granted a legacy ticket in the past. The Board will maintain a record of who has applied and received tickets under this program, however there are no guarantees of a ticket every year.

The GVIAS Board of Directors anticipates this program will be utilized a handful of times in the first few years, likely less than a handful of tickets, and will slowly expand, as more people become eligible and leadership grows, with additional qualified applicants becoming eligible.

Applications will be accepted May 12th through May 19th.

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