GVIAS News Letter – November 28th, 2017

Conduct Committee Announcement and Call Out

Our local Burning Man community is growing rapidly and so is the creativity and passion our participants bring to GVIAS events. Thank you for continuing to show up with so much AMAZING to celebrate together!

As we grow, we have been faced with numerous challenging situations and we want to build a culture of accountability that aligns with our mission and ethos. As a result, GVIAS is organizing the assembly of a Conduct Committee which will be comprised of community volunteers who are nominated or step forward to take on the task of looking into incidents that violate our community Code of Conduct. http://gvias.org/participant-code-of-conduct/

The Conduct Committee is expected to number between 6 and 10 individuals, depending on interest. The duties of someone on the Conduct Committee will be to work as pairs to interview those involved in reported issues. Each pair would contact and meet with each party involved, to gather information about the nature and details of a reported issue in order to provide a summary to the rest of the Conduct Committee. The Committee will meet bi-monthly (or initially monthly) to process newly reported issues, discuss on going cases, make decisions on finalized reports and prepare disposition reports for the Board of Directors. Individuals will be expected to attend a monthly meeting and may be responsible for 1 or 2 cases every few months.

All work will be done in pairs, and would assigned by the Committee leads, who will oversee assignments and handle incoming requests. Please note, that anyone who works on the committee will be expected to maintain strict confidentiality and silence regarding matters brought before the committee including, but not limited to private communications and final disposition of outcomes. You will not be able to discuss anything involving the details of a case with anyone not on the committee or GVIAS Board of Directors, and will be required to sign a statement of Confidentiality pursuant to this understanding.

The Committee is being newly formed and is working to get established. If you are interested in being a part of the Conduct Committee or have a nomination, please contact us ASAP!!
Email: [email protected]


ReCharge 2018 – Save the date!

ReCharge 2018 has been booked! We hope to see you on Saturday February 17th at the Croatian Cultural Center. ReCharge is a Burner inspired fundraising event where YOU get to choose which project your money goes towards. It’s also a really fun party!

The goal of ReCharge is for artists to bring ideas, sketches & models to the Greater Vancouver community for inspiration and encouragement and support. Gaining the extra funds from the Greater Vancouver Interactive Arts Society (GVIAS) and its surrounding community helps bring the visions to life for our other regional Burning Man events such as BitF & Dustcovery, as well as Burning Man. Artists have the opportunity to pitch concepts for their projects at ReCharge. This is also a great time to enroll fellow artisans in your visions and in creating the projects!! Or to find projects to affiliate with! It is one of our FAVORITE Fundraising Parties due to the community connections it facilitates. As well as being a GREAT event to invite newbies or those interested in discovering more about Burning Man philosophy.



Dustcovery 2017 – Vancouver’s Official Decompression – Second Official THANK YOU!!

Our official Burning Man Decompression party took place this past November 11th at the Cloverdale Rodeo grounds, and it was a HUGE success! Big thanks to each and every one of the volunteers, team leads, and attendees for making it an awesome event and contributing to and even bigger space.

A VERY SPECIAL thanks to Producer Andi Candi for taking it on for the third year in a row!! We are SO grateful for your unwavering bright and gracious energy!! We all acknowledge that this bigger space was a HUGE task, and you guided the community to show up in BIG and BRILLIANT ways!!

Thank YOU!!

Andi said it best with this note which helps us all to recognize the MANY lead people behind this great event:

It takes our whole community to create an event like Dustcovery! Thank you SO much to all of our volunteers, performers, DJs, artists, theme camps, Rangers AND participants for giving of yourselves to co-create such a fantastic night!

Personally, I would to thank all those who stopped me for a hug or to give positive feedback. That is what makes putting in all the long hours totally worth it! I would like to give special props to our outstanding team leads who stepped up and put in countless hours to create the container for fun and creativity. We had quite a few new team leads this time. I am super proud of our team for working together to blow people’s minds with awesomeness!

Art and Theme Camp Leads – Kristen Huskins and Yvonne Calder
Gate Lead – Yvonne Tink
Volunteer Coordinators – Krystal Murley and Adeline Thulliez
Signage Lead – Jennie Hayes
Power Lead – Constantin Khait
Bar Lead – Danielle Doucette (thanks to VANdango! for bringing the second bar!)
Communications Lead – Squishelle Peacock
Ranger Lead – Megan Betty B Will
Ticketing Lead – Clen McClellan
Decor Leads – Kate Ferguson and Carly Whiskey
Performer Lead – Lori Watt
Fire Show Lead – Ty Elmore
Fire Safety Leads – Denise Kerr Hogue and Mitch Brown
Transportation Lead – Ryann Trudeauxx
Shuttle Lead – Edie Phlugrad
Tear down and LNT Lead – Luisa Deziel
RV/Vehicle Camp Lead – Tones Magones

And a special thank you to all of the tear down and LNT volunteers who showed up cheerfully even though they were tired. We finished an hour earlier than expected!

andi candi
Dustcovery 2017 Producer

Andi has been great at integrating real community feedback into each year. Please help by taking a moment to answer a few questions, if you have not already!


GVIAS’s Storage Locker Move

Here is a GIANT shout out to Craig Ollenberger, BiTF DPW Producer for taking the initiative to source and coordinate the move of the GVIAS storage locker to deluxe new accommodations! A BIG THANK YOU as well to each of the volunteers that came out to help with the move. The reorganization efforts of getting things into tubs and containers helped a ton with transportation to/from Dustcovery. It was well orchestrated with the fall event to minimize extra moving!
Three Cheers!!!

As always, here is an as up to date as possible list of what is maintained in the locker for community members to access upon request:


Grants Committee: Thanks!!

It HAS to be stated that Greater Vancouver’s Interactive Art Society has and exceptional ARTS GRANTS team!!

Over the years, this team’s commitment to gauging the distribution of societies funds towards art that genuinely qualifies for GVIAS support has gained INTERNATIONAL recognition from other Burning Man affiliated communities and societies!! They have not only recognized our team’s effectiveness, they have asked to model their respective arts grants reward systems after Vancouver’s!! WOW EH!!! Apparently GVIAS’s arts grants rewards system has been customized to very in depth standards of evaluating based on numerous principles of INTERACTIVITY and PARTICIPATION.

Our current Art Grants Team is:

Kim Gallager
Trina Heather
Mike Boyd
Mikaela Davis
Nickie Lewis
Patrick Crossman
Lara Beaton
Brian D

GVIAS provides grants for interactive art projects. Our goal is to encourage Interactive Art that fosters the ideals of the Burning Man community. Artists working in experimental, emerging, cross-disciplinary, and traditional categories are encouraged to apply, to display their Interactive Art and add to the collective, participatory spirit in the community and at Burning Man & GVIAS events.

GVIAS aims to contribute grants to as many art projects as possible for our events. The GVIAS grants committee encourages artists to also seek funding and fundraise >read:PARTY!!< outside of the grants program.

Next time you see them, go ahead and ask about it!!

For more info check out http://gvias.org/grants/



GVIAS Board,
Ryan, Allison Eden, Brodie, Sarah, Tyler, Adrian

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