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  • AGM This Sunday!
  • AGM Agenda
  • Previous General Meeting Minutes
  • Art Grant Deadlines
  • Board Nominee Statement


AGM This Sunday!

We just want to remind our wonderful members that our AGM is happening this Sunday at 1pm at the Trout Lake Community Center. We have a lot of great stuff to cover and hope that you will be able to join. We’ll be sure to blow your pants off with all these great announcements and discussions, so join us for what is sure to end in a pants-less party!

GVIAS is the society that brings you the best in local events and art! BiTF, Afterglow and Recharge are just some of the awesome things we’ve been involved with this year, and we’re super excited to tell you how it all went down!

New this year, we are introducing a ‘theme’ for the AGM! This year’s theme will be ‘Angry World Leaders’ (dress appropriately!!!).

Hope to see all of your smiling faces there!

Join the event:

AGM Agenda

1.  Meet and Greet

  1. Call to Order
  2. Questions from last two General Membership Meeting minutes
  3. New Business
    1.  Committees:
      1. Vision/Mission – Chair: Arthur Goldsmith
        1. Mission statement presentation
      2. Art Grants – Chair: Kim Gallager
      3. Web – Chair: Arthur Goldsmith
        1.  Website presentation
      4. Insurance – Chair: Simon Hunkin
      5. Venues – Chair: Ken Roepe
      6. Production Support – Chair: Benson  Ho
      7. Policies and Procedures – Chair: Alex Reid
  4. Adjourn
  5. Committee reports
  6. Financial Report / Annual Budget
  7. Board of Directors Election
  8. Burn in the Forest Volunteer needs/call out 


Previous General Meeting Minutes

For your convenience, and all of you the keeners out there, we have included a link to last year’s AGM minutes and minutes from our Special General Meeting that happened in November.

Any questions you might have about the meeting minutes can be asked immediately after the call to order during this year’s AGM.


AGM 2013 Minutes

Special General Meeting Minutes


Art Grants

Just a reminder that all BiTF and Community Art Grant (Round 1) proposals are due May 4th 2014 and Midnight (PST)

BiTF Micro Art Grant Proposals are due June 15th 2014 at Midight (PST)




Board Nominee Statements

Like we mentioned before, this year we had 4 open board positions. Lucky for us, we had exactly 4 board nominees come forward. Since there are no additional nominees, we will be voting them in by acclamation.

We would like to thank Hunter LundNadi FantasticXianny Ng, and Travis Petten for their bids to become GVIAS board members. Below are their nominee statements for your consideration.

Hunter Lund

Greetings fellow member!

My name is Hunter Lund and I would like to thank you for the opportunity to serve the Vancouver Burning Man Community as a member of the GVIAS Board.
I have been involved in the Vancouver Burning Man community for three years as a participant. I have attended many events including Vancouver’s Regional Burn, Burn in the Forest from 2011 through 2013 and Burning Man itself in 2012 and 2013.

The Vancouver Burning Man community inspired me to volunteer my time to aid in the growth of my newly adopted family. In 2012, I volunteered as Technical Producer for Burn in the Forest and also as Producer of Artifactuary, Vancouver’s entrant into Burning Man’s Circle of Regional Effigies. This year, I am again working with the Burn in the Forest Production Team as the Technical Producer.

In my professional life, I have worked my way up through the ranks in the Electrical Construction Industry. I began my Electrical apprenticeship in the late eighties, completed the apprenticeship training to become a Journeyman Electrician. Since then I became an Electrical Foreman and I now work as a Project Manager, Estimator and Coordinator for Status Electrical Corporation working on large scale detention facility projects in the Lower Mainland of BC and the West Coast of the US.

I believe my experience in my professional life gives me the insight to understand many levels of project development and will allow me to bring that insight to the GVIAS Board to assist in the continuing development of the Vancouver Burning Man community.

I thank you for the opportunity to serve on the GVIAS Board, supporting the goals of the community that has adopted me and that I have grown to love.

Hunter A. Lund


Nadi Fantastic

Nadi is an accomplished entrepreneur with years of experience in the fields of art, design and marketing specifically.  She spent 10 years touring festivals and events on the North American circuit delivering her own product lines and participating in event organization.

As a mother of two daughters, she brings a patient and open approach to communications. As a business woman she offers a diverse and forward thinking mind process to managing strategic and momentous functionality.

Nadi favours participation that promote evolution within organizations and would bring this drive to GVIAS board activities.

Nadi Fantastic


Xianny Ng


I’m a firm believer in the power of participatory culture. In the last 200 years we’ve seen an explosion in consumer culture. It’s hard to remember that we didn’t always rely on experts for art and entertainment. I think the tide is turning back, and GVIAS is part of that trend. When we celebrate that our friends and neighbours are capable of making amazing art, playing great music, or anything else that we are so good at, we are saying, yes, what we do is more than good enough.

We don’t need production companies or record labels. Each of us has a creative impetus that is worthy of the time, effort, and labour necessary to bring it to fruition. GVIAS is vital because you need a community to sustain that belief. In the face of a mass media culture that says “sit down, shut up, let the pros do it,” the power of community to support, inspire, and empower cannot be underestimated. We do this with art grants, but also with human relationships that nourish our creativity, inspire our hands, and share the belief that what we are doing is worthwhile and meaningful and will be enjoyed by many.

What motivates me is the potential for interactive art to empower, inspire, and connect. I want to be part of the effort to sustain and grow a safe space where people have the opportunity to take charge of their self-expression and hopefully have a lot of fun along the way. I believe that GVIAS events are essential to holding space for us to connect and support each other, but that events are also just the “user interface” of a much bigger organism.

Why do I think I would be a good board member? I am organised, efficient, and good at getting things done. I have experience in PR and marketing campaigns, and while GVIAS is a different beast, every org can use a good communications strategy. I prioritise relationship and community building, and recognise that a community is made up of people first, infrastructure second. As a board member, I would work to sustain a consistent, flexible, and reliable org team that facilitates and prioritises community and member engagement.

In “real life” I work as director of client services for Corporate Firm, which covers everything from remembering people’s birthdays to launching PR campaigns. I have a Communications degree from Simon Fraser and a yoga teaching certification from Prana College. I have volunteered as part of the org team for the Vancouver Rock-Climbing Group, helping to run events, organise trips, and grow visibility. In 2012 I served as media coordinator for Maker Faire in Vancouver, another organisation dedicated to growing participatory culture. I’m excited about the opportunity to work with GVIAS and help sustain and grow this community that has so enriched my life.

Please consider my nomination for the board.

Xianny Ng


Travis Petten

Hello Fellow GVIAS members.

I have been a member of GVIAS for about 18 months and in that time I have enjoyed meeting so many nice people and being a part of such a dynamic and fun crowd. My first burn was 2010 and I camped with a San Fran camp but I didnt know anyone. As soon as I got back I tried to get involved with the local scene. I first got involved with the local Burning Man community in 2011 when I was part of CORE building the Playa time effigy.

Since then I have tried to volunteer as much as I can for local events like Afterglow and BitF. I have also co lead the locally based theme camp Après Ski BRC for a second year now. This camp has helped me grow and tests me constantly but its all been worth it.

So if I am elected on to the BOD I will do my best to serve the local Community and help get things done with a calm attitude and a good work ethic. I’m always happy to help out and lend a hand when the need arrises.

Thanks for the consideration!
Travis Petten

You’re extra special for reading this far. You get an extra special hug from Arthur (one of our finest board members). Please redeem it at this year’s AGM! Hope to see all your smiling faces there!

GVIAS Board.

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