BitF Committee: DPW Exodus Producer

DPW Exodus Pod Description 

DPW is short for “Department of Public Works,” similar to the crew at Black Rock City. Like to play 3D Tetris? Care about the environment and the impact of our event? Hate MOOP? Exodus is responsible for LNT during and after the event,  and tearing down the event infrastructure. Help us leave it better than we found it! 

DPW Exodus Pod Responsibilities: 

  • Reviewing LNT Plans before the event
  • LNT During the Event
    • MOOP sweep 
    • LNT Fairies / Outreach and Education
  • LNT After the Event
  • Lost and Found
  • Event infrastructure tear-down
  • Transportation of gear and infrastructure back to Vancouver, to vendors and the GVIAS’ storage locker.

Reports to: GVIAS Board 

Liaises with: 

  • BitF Controller, and all other Production Pods
  • Communications Committee 
  • Volunteer Committee 


DPW Exodus Producer Responsibilities 

  • Overseeing and ensuring all tasks under the DPW Exodus Pod’s purview  are completed on schedule
  • Share management tasks with associate producers 
  • Interface with Board Liaison, BitF Chair, and Board as needed 
  • Recruit leads, delegate, and ask for help as needed 
  • Building the DPW Exodus teams and creating a supportive environment  where Team Leads feel confident and supported in leading their own  volunteers 
  • Seek leads interested in becoming producers, and mentor them to become producers if desired 
  • Interface with other Producers, pods and committees as needed
  • Attending at least one BitF Production Team meeting per month
  • Prepare any necessary budget for pod
  • Prepare or delegate requests for placement, signage,  survival guide and WWW submissions 


  • Ensure all tasks under their purview are complete on schedule
  • Build a successful and supportive team 
  • Attend all necessary meetings to ensure a successful event
  • Work with the rest of the production team to plan and create the event
  • Ensure all DPW Exodus Associate prods and team leads have what they need to be successful in their roles and arrive on site prepared for build week and the event 
  • Work closely with DPW Set-up Producer.
  • Adhere to the production team’s code of conduct. 

Commitment: Oct – Sept 

Term: 1 yr 


  • October to January, 1 hr/wk (BitF Production Retreat, production  meetings, recruiting) 
  • January to March, 2 hs/wk (producer meetings, meetings with team leads  and recruiting, site visit) 
  • March to mid-May, 3 hours/week (BitF Town Hall, production meetings,  Ops team meetings) 
  • Mid-May to mid-July, 4-5 hours/week (Safety Meeting, site visits,  Production meetings, DPW team meetings) 
  • Onsite: 1 to 3 days post event 8-12hr days until site rental ends;  production shifts during event 

Multiple Terms: Yes 


  • Preference for experience as a Team Lead for Set-up or an Assistant  Producer for any DPW past pod 
  • Planning and Coordination experience (preferably in event management) • Volunteer management experience 
  • Strong written and verbal communication • Previous attendance to BiTF nice to have

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