BitF Committee: Safety Producer

Safety Pod Description 

The Safety Pod is responsible for the execution of all policies and procedures  related to participant safety and emergency procedures for Burn in the Forest .  The Safety Pod’s primary, guiding objective is to ensure the event is not put at unacceptable risk, while not needlessly obstructing the expression of any  individual or art project. The Safety Pod will work with the Policy Committee,  Conduct Committee, and the GVIAS BoD to define policies related to safety and  to determine how unacceptable risk is defined. #SafetyThird 

Safety Pod Responsibilities: 

  • Safety Plan 
  • Art Safety 
  • Fire Safety and Fire Tech 
  • Harm Reduction 
  • Liaise with Security (contracted)
  • Liaise with Medics (contracted)

Reports to: GVIAS Board 

Liaises with: 

  • BitF Controller and other Production Pods 
  • Contracts Committee 
  • Communications Committee 
  • Volunteer Committee  


Safety Producer Responsibilities 

  • Accountable for Safety decision-making responsibilities, prioritizing risks to the event
  • Interface with Board Liaison, BitF Chair, and Board as needed 
  • Interface with Contracts Committee to provide infrastructure vendor requirements
  • Liaise with Policy Committee 
  • Share the management tasks with the Associate Producers 
  • Meet goals and milestone deliverables 
  • Interface with other Producers, pods, and committees as needed o Recruit leads, delegate, and ask for help as needed 
  • Communicate safety protocols, with appropriate care as needed o Prepare any necessary budgets 
  • Prepare requests for placement, signage, survival guide and WWW  submissions 
  • Keep notes and complete incident reports
  • Lead Safety pod, while respecting team lead’s autonomy (no micromanaging) and encouraging growth 
  • Seek leads interested in becoming producers, and mentor them to  become producers if desired 
  • Ensure safety teams are maintaining their interfaces with other pods.
  • Stay informed on the status safety teams (will be delegated), so that the producer can fill-in for a TL should they become unavailable. Assist if a  TL is having difficulty or falling behind.
  • Train for Incident Command responsibilities 
  • Briefings with RCMP, Fire Department, Security and Medical teams pre event o Manage safety’s interface with the Conduct Committee, and follow up on  incident reports


  • Ensure all tasks under their purview are complete on schedule • Build a successful and supportive team 
  • Attend all necessary meetings to ensure a successful event 
  • Work with the rest of the production team to plan and create the event
  • Attend production team meetings (usually 2x per month) 
  • Maintain confidentiality of any sensitive situations 
  • Adhere to the production team’s code of conduct 

Commitment: Oct – Sept 

Term: 1 yr 
Multiple Terms: Yes 


  • October to January, 1 hr/wk (BitF Production Retreat, production  meetings, recruiting) 
  • January to March, 2 hs/wk (producer meetings, meetings with team leads  and recruiting, site visit) 
  • March to mid-May, 3 hours/week (BitF Town Hall, production meetings,  Ops team meetings) 
  • Mid-May to mid-July, 4-5 hours/week (Safety Meeting, site visits,  Production meetings, Curation team meetings)
  • Onsite: One to two days pre event 8-12hr days, production shifts at event


  • Leadership experience.
  • Excellent communication skills. 
  • Some experience in event planning or operations, or event-based safety functions. 

Updated 02/18/2023

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