Contracts Committee


The Contracts Committee exists to centralize the management of all vendor and venue relationships across all GVIAS events. Primary responsibilities include sourcing and negotiation of all contracts/procurement for $1,000 and over, and maintaining lists of, and relationships with, venues and vendors.

Organizational Goals & Responsibilities

  • Source, and negotiate contracts for $1k and over;
  • Manage relationships with venues and vendors, introducing the main production group as they are signed up for positions;
  • Ensure all venue contracts also reviewed and approved by the BoD;
  • Preparation of insurance applications and coordination with the BoD member assigned to insurance management and GVIAS’ insurers;
  • Coordinate signing of any contracts by the BoD signatories where required;
  • Coordinate payment with Treasurer;
  • Work with Finance Committee and BitF controller to ensure contracts within budget limits;
  • Work with applicable event production members to secure vendors and ensure delivery of required services or products;
  • Manage and maintain list of potential venues for all events;
  • Manage and maintain list of vendors uses for events and potential replacements as needed.


  • Clear communications with board and chosen event leaders to ensure following of all rules and restrictions of the contracts; 
  • Maintain strong relationships with vendors for all three events;
  • Maintain strong relationships with the venues chosen for all events;
  • Regular correspondence with BoD as to status of venue contracts and approval of terms;
  • Regular correspondence with BoD and applicable event leaders as to status of contracts, requirements, updates;
  • Following Code of conduct in all interactions;
  • Follow all applicable BoD approved policies;
  • Keep regular and accurate minutes of any committee meetings of the whole;
  • Use G-Suite and Drive to store all materials to ensure continuity of knowledge;
  • Report to the BoD and community annually at the AGM.

Commitment: Year round

Term: 1 to 2 years


  • Heavy in the first year / two (2021, 2022) as relationships and processes for the committee are outlined and established 
  • Three to four events per year. 
    • Recharge in Feb/Mar 
    • BitF in July 
    • Burner skool in mid-summer (venue only) 
    • Dustcovery in October/November. 
    • 1-15 hours per event, depending on size and length  

Multiple Terms: Yes


  • Comfort with contracts (review and negotiation), with preference for relevant experience related to events, non-profits or corporations; 
  • Excellent verbal and written communication;
  • Experience with procurement and vendor management, professionally or for similar events.

Reports to: GVIAS Board of Directors

Liaises with:

  • BitF Production
  • Dustcovery Production
  • Recharge Production
  • Communications Committee
  • Finance Committee
  • Controller

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We are guided by the 10 principles of Burning Man. These principles guide our interactions with one another and the environment and have a strong ethos of participation. As such, our events and the society are entirely dependent upon community participation.

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