Dustcovery Art Grants

Greater Vancouver Interactive Arts Society presents: Vancouver Dustcovery, an official Burning Man decompression event!

Our venue allows for indoor and outdoor space! Want to help participants experience something special? Awesome! And if you’re in need of some funding to make it happen, we might be able to help!

Grants funding is available for small-scale interactive and/or artistic pieces which will attend Dustcovery on Nov. 30, 2019.

Maximum award: $750 for new projects and $250 for refurbished projects

Deadline: November 11, 2019

Applications Closed


This round DOES NOT require interactivity to be considered for a grant. Instead, ALL art applications submitted in this round will be evaluated (unless there is a budget or safety concern). Projects with interactive elements will score higher than non-interactive projects and have a higher chance of receiving the maximum $750 award.

What makes a project interactive? In its simplest form, interactive art becomes something different when people engage with it, compared to when the art is sitting alone.

GVIAS aims to contribute grants to as many art projects as possible for the event and this may result in artist only receiving part of their requested amount. The GVIAS grants committee encourages artists to also seek funding and fundraise outside of the grants program.

Please note: There are no directed tickets for Dustcovery. You must purchase a ticket in the main sale in order to attend the event.

If you have any other questions feel free to contact us directly at [email protected].


Art grants ONLY cover materials (consumables and fixed assets which are necessary to the art piece), and operational costs. These grants will NOT cover labor expenses including the artist’s time, transportation costs, purchase of alcohol, food, or tickets to the event.

Fixed Assets (e.g. tools, structures, electronics) may be submitted, but should be specialized, essential to the functionality of the project, and should be a relatively small portion of the expense. (i.e. a $50 Arduino in an $800 project is reasonable. A $50 wood sculpture requiring an $800 band saw is not. Well, the saw is not, at least.)

Recall that tools and other fixed assets may be available for low-cost rent from a rental agency, or even a free loan from a community member. Don’t know a community member with a band saw? Ask on the various social media pages and email lists…people love to help a good art project


Any individual artist, team of artists or established group (for teams of artists, please have one person submit an application for the group) may apply. Applicants must be a member of Greater Vancouver Interactive Art’s Society. Membership is free and can be obtained by applying through the GVIAS website here.


Successful applicants will be asked to sign a contract in order to receive their grant. These grants will be paid out in full only after submission of receipts, receipt log and photos of the project.

A failure to execute your proposed art project may result in ineligibility for future grants.

Applications Closed



Membership Is Free

But Some Assembly Required

We are guided by the 10 principles of Burning Man. These principles guide our interactions with one another and the environment and have a strong ethos of participation. As such, our events and the society are entirely dependent upon community participation.

Membership isn't required to participate, but members enjoy a number of perks including access to a community of doers and dreamers.

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