BitF 2019 Participant Survey Reminder


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Tell us how we’re doing!!

BitF is yours, and it’s mine – it’s EVERYONE’S! – and we’d like your feedback.

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What started as a small group of burners getting together for some weekend shenanigans in the forest has turned into a 15 hundred person, 4 day event, curated by a small group, and brought to life by a community. Burn in the Forest could not happen without the gift of so many people’s time, and now that it’s a mature 17 years old, it’s high time for feedback from the community that makes it happen.

Please take five minutes of your time to let us know what we’re doing well, what we could do better, and what you just don’t understand. We’re asking questions about volunteering, and this questionnaire is meant for everyone who attend BitF, even if you haven’t (or didn’t this year) volunteered – we would still like your feedback.

The results of this questionnaire will be collected by the GVIAS Volunteer Committee and used to help advise volunteer relations for BitF, and across all GVIAS events. The Volunteer Committee is just getting up and running – so please stay tuned for more to come in the next couple of months.

Krystal and Laura

Membership Is Free

But Some Assembly Required

We are guided by the 10 principles of Burning Man. These principles guide our interactions with one another and the environment and have a strong ethos of participation. As such, our events and the society are entirely dependent upon community participation.

Membership isn't required to participate, but members enjoy a number of perks including access to a community of doers and dreamers.

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