Happy New Year! BitF 2023 Producer Recruitment is open!

Photo Credit: Suzanne Rushton

Happy Holidays, everyone! 🎄❄️🎉 We’re SO looking forward to the new year… 

Are you looking for an opportunity to participate in BitF in a bigger way? Do you have some past experience organizing events, leading festivals or projects, or managing a team? Or are you an experienced admin/secretary? We’re looking to build on last year’s success!

GVIAS is looking for producers to join the successful returning team members! We’re hoping to complete the team by early January, so don’t delay in applying. If you know someone who would be a great fit for these positions, please encourage them to apply.

(the following was updated Dec 30)

The GVIAS Board is thrilled to welcome back to the 2023 Production team:

  • Ronald Schioldager, BitF Chair
  • Kotone Frankowski, Curation Producer
  • Christina Godlewska (Juicy), Operations Producer
  • Craig Ollenberger, DPW Setup Producer

Applications for following positions for the 2023 BitF Event Committee are now open:

–>Producers are responsible for ensuring that Team Leads are found for each pod under their supervision and that each pod’s responsibilities are on track.

  • DPW – Teardown Producer
    DPW is short for “Department of Public Works,” similar to the crew at Burning Man. Like to play 3D Tetris? Care about the environment and the impact of our event? Hate MOOP? Teardown is responsible for LNT during and after the event, tearing down and transporting the event infrastructure. 
  • Safety Producer
    The Safety Pod is responsible for the execution of all policies and procedures related to participant safety and emergency procedures for Burn In The Forest . The Safety Pod’s objective is to ensure the event is not put at unacceptable risk, while not needlessly obstructing the expression of any individual or art project.
  • Foundations Producer
    Foundations Pod oversees the heart of our burn, the Effigy, Temple and Centre Camp; the communal spaces created and/or provided by production that bring our community together in celebration, in contemplation, in engagement. Foundations works with both DPW setup and teardown, and also oversees the Temple Guardians to ensure the Temple is a safe space that allows everyone to have the experience and expression that they need within the Temple, as a welcoming communal space for all participants.
  • Secretary 
    The Secretary is an integral part of the BitF producer team as the meeting minute-taker and organizer. Accurate and detailed meeting minutes are vital; a secretary allows producers to focus on discussions that often move at a quick pace. The Secretary will attend all BitF production meetings and help the production team keep track of its business. The secretary will work with the Chair to prepare and distribute meeting agendas and minutes.

To read further details on the positions, see the BitF 2023 Org Chart and TO APPLY, CLICK HERE.

Got questions?

We invite you to reach out to Ron, the BitF chair or anyone on the Leadership Committee with any questions you may have, or to further discuss the roles and responsibilities.

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