BitF Land Acknowledgement and Indigenous Music Set List

This Land Acknowledgement was read out at the beginning of the events on Burn Night at BitF 2022 before the LED Flow Performers show.

Burn in the Forest 2022 is being held on the traditional, ancestral, and unceded territories of the Syilx and Nłeʔkepmx (pronounced Ng-khla-kap-muhx) peoples. These First Nations have inhabited the interior region and into the Northern Cascades since time immemorial. They remain stewards of the land in these regions to this day.

Nłeʔkepmx territory stretches from (approximately) the Fraser Canyon and Princeton in the south to Cache Creek and Kamloops in the north. In fact, the Ntstlatko (meaning “cold water”) river that intersects the BifF 2022 site, also runs through two Nłeʔkepmx Reservations belonging to the people of nc’tetkʷu (the Coldwater Indian Band), before flowing past the town of Merritt and connecting with the Nicola River. The Nłeʔkepmx, and the Coldwater Indian Band in particular, have always had a special connection to the Ntstlatko and the cultural resources it has provided. Please do not forget that they are intimately connected to the Indigenous communities that have lived here for millennia.

MANY of us are uninvited guests on this land. We encourage you to Consider what direct action(s) you can take within your own communities that will help to dismantle colonial oppression.

For tonight’s LED performance, we flow to all contemporary Indigenous songs from musicians all over the continent. We do not seek to mimic aspects of Indigenous dance or costume by sharing this music with you; we hope to create new opportunity to explore, celebrate and uplift contemporary indigenous songs.

The titles and artists will be posted after the Event, we ask that you consider purchasing or streaming sources for which BIPOC artists are fairly compensated for recordings.

It’s been too long, but we are together again.

Tonight we push back the darkness and celebrate our future together in the light, as we stick it to the man!

Set List:

The DKD Dancers “Raven Strut”

DASH remix“Tutktu Strut” by PIQSIQ

“Big World” Kinnie Starr

“Soft” Silla and Rise

“Back to the Land” DJ Shub featuring Jewlz

All tracks (and full albums in a few cases) were purchased on platforms which ensure artists are compensated. They were not edited, shortened, or remixed in any way, aside from fading into each other.

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