Dustcovery Production Call-out

Hello there Greater Vancouver Interactive Arts Society Members!!

ALL the art & planning for Burn in the Forest are well underway! As usual, a big juicy team of inspired people are ALL working together on it!! Everyone who comes together (wink wink) to build these super fun and inclusive events truly loves connecting in collaborative and creative ways! THANK YOU again from GVIAS’s board of directors for everything that you are doing and have done to make a GIANT difference to how we spend our time together as a Burning Man inspired community.

That being said, we are currently inviting applicants to put forward/communicate their interests in producing or assistant producing our après Burning Man event in the fall of 2017. Yup! After the great fun & adventure we all enjoyed at Dustcovery last year, we are planting the seeds to help make it happen the same but differently this year!

Drop us a short summary of your interests & visions by emailing: [email protected]

Our main objective here is to invite people to take on the lead positions to make it happen!! We have an impressive community of leaders and we always succeed together!! Here’s to looking forward to another FANTASTIC interactive community event!!


GVIAS Board,
Ryan, Allison, Brodie, Sarah, Tyler, Adrian