Fire at Bitf 2022

Let’s talk about all things FIRE!

September weather can be unpredictable in Merritt, and understandably, you’ll want to be prepared!

Here are a few things that you should know about propane camp stoves, personal heaters, etc. to be used at the event:

  • NO OPEN FLAMES at all – that means no fire spinning, no propane fire pits, no heaters with a flame, no cigarettes.
  • Personal (flameless) heaters and camp stoves must be attended to at all times while in use.
  • All heating devices MUST be CSA approved.
  • Fire extinguishers are STRONGLY ENCOURAGED.
  • These are not only site requirements, but follow the Wildfire Act for BC.

Get into a cozy huddle with your campmates – it’s the most fun, and environmentally safe option!

Thank you for being respectful, mindful and safe – so that we can all enjoy future gatherings at this beautiful site!

Did you miss the background conversation on Facebook about this topic? Here’s the scoop:

No one is saying that we won’t ever have fire again; GVIAS recognizes how important fire is to the community. The reality is that if we stay at this venue long-term, we might not be able to have fire while there. And depending on fire bans, we might not be able to have fire anyway. So, the community is being invited to help find creative solutions!
After an extensive and challenging venue search earlier this year, the Merritt grounds were the most viable option at the time when a decision had to be made. In terms of determining our future home, GVIAS does plan to consult with the community through a survey (and possibly town hall) after the event is held, to determine whether a different site should be considered in the future.

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