Application Process Open for Conduct Committee Lead

The GVIAS Conduct Committee is comprised of 2-3 leads, who oversee 6-10 members; all are vetted by the community to take on the task of reviewing incidents that violate our community Code of Conduct:

Conduct Leads organize monthly committee meetings, handle incoming reports and oversee all assessments. With the Committee, they discuss newly reported issues, ongoing cases, come to a group opinion on anonymized reports and prepare high level summaries for the Board of Directors. Leads will also do assessment work and offer facilitated conversations when needed.  

Please note: anyone who works on the committee will be expected to maintain strict confidentiality and silence regarding matters brought before the committee including, but not limited to, private communications and final disposition of outcomes. You will not be able to discuss anything involving the details of a case with anyone not on the committee or GVIAS Board of Directors, and will be required to sign a statement of Confidentiality pursuant to this understanding.

Lead duties:

1) Organize and facilitate a monthly Conduct Committee (CC) meeting and a monthly CC leads-only meeting.

2) Manage and update Conduct Committee’s mandate and protocols with feedback from GVIAS board, GVIAS members and CC members.

3) Triage incoming conduct reports, correspond with reporters/reportees/witnesses and support assessors who are on active assessments.

4) Take part in some CC assessments and facilitate mediated conversations.

5) Correspond and meet with GVIAS board, Board Liaison and BITF production team members.

6) Present anonymized summaries and CC opinions for completed assessments to the Board.

7) Organize relevant CC training for all members (such as restorative, assessment and confidentiality best practices etc).

8) Maintain membership: oversee application, selection and on-boarding of new members, renewals and resignations.

Estimate of annual hours for CC lead work:

Prep work: 6-8 hrs, one time only
2-3 hours training with former leads
About 4-5 hours of reading materials

Annual Workload: estimated at 10-12 hrs per lead each month
2 hours for CC mtg per month

2 hours for Leads mtg per month
3 to 4 hours admin work per month
3 to 4 hours assessment work per month (fluctuating depending on the report intake)

Please submit your application by February 8th at the following link:

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We are guided by the 10 principles of Burning Man. These principles guide our interactions with one another and the environment and have a strong ethos of participation. As such, our events and the society are entirely dependent upon community participation.

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